Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't bother reading this

I've come to a wall in my life, for a while everything was going pretty well and I was a very happy person, but now I'm feeling like my old self again and this sucks. I took on a new opportunity that sounded promising at first but now I just feel like I may have wasted my time and some money in the process. It was supposed to work, I had people seriously interested but of course as soon as I needed them I got the "oh yea I wasn't serious bout that" line. I also receive no support from my mom or sister, they think it's a joke. SO here I thought I could earn some nice second income and in the long run I've lost some.
I hate lairs, obviously everyone does, but I feel as though I have a sign on my back that says "Need a good laugh? Tell this loser a fucking lie!" Seriously assholes just tell me the damn truth, I'm a big girl and can handle it. I bust my ass for people and get handed shit in return, yea I know what you're going to say so shut the eff up now, I shouldn't put myself out like that, but I feel like the ahole when I don't do something. I can't walk away from what I'm used to doing so easily. I feel a sense of pride from doing a favor, granted that pride gets shoved back in my face when I'm left hanging dry. I take time out of my life for you, is it so hard for you to do the same in return? Oh it is well then stick it where the sun don't shine.
I'm 22, that is young, very young by most peoples standard, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be refused a safer and cleaner home due to the fact you only see me as an immature, juvenile delinquent. I pay my bills, I have a full time career, a newer car, and I am effing married, and your going to look at me then look at the 30 somethings and say "Oh I'm sorry you're just a little to young"? Well here's some news for you....my age is only a number asshole, I know more that I give away.
Thats another thing, my looks, eff my looks, they can shove it because I have never been happy with them. So I'm blonde, do you want to be the asshole that pulls a fucking blonde joke on me? Just because a couple dumb broads with a box hair color with big tits makes a funny doesn't mean all of us are bobble-headed, hair brained, floosie whores. Take you stereotype and shove it. Oh for all the men out there that stare me, and millions of other chicks down, and beep/holler at us. What are you trying to accomplish by doing that? Do you think you're being alluring? Are you trying to intimidate us? Oh wait I know, you seem to think that by doing so we will stop everything we are doing and jump on for a quick ride, then send us on our way? Well thats cool but news flash, you are fucking retarded....oops I used the R-word sorry people. I cannot tell you of one thing I hate more than when I'm at the gym and the same assholes come in and stare at the same chicks every time. Give it up!! I work out and lift as much as I do so that if one day you're feeling cocky I can knock you the fuck out.
Oh and one last thing...get the fuck over yourself...I don't think I'm the shit, actually a lot of people don't think highly of themselves so why should be an exception....You're annoying and so if you fanbase.
Oh I'm sorry were you expecting something more cheery and food related? Yea well I took the day off from being miss fucking sunshine.