Sunday, October 24, 2010

I really hope someone can make this make sense

Oh hello people, yea I know I stopped writing,get over it I was feeling empty in the brain. So completely unfoodrelated I wanted to discuss something. I'm 23 and married and I get asked more often then I care to admit why the eff did I get married so young. I get it, it does seem a bit unorthodox to some folks because it is such a big commitment but they need to understand how long Tim and myself have been together. It will be seven years for us this December, his twin brother whom is also married will be with his wife seven years this November and I know of a few more couples who were together in their teens and married early twenties.

I would've expected more appreciation towards us because in this day and age true love and high school sweethearts are a rarity. So what I was engaged before I as legally old enough to drink! Just because your 52 and divorced with an 5 kids and a lawyer bill bigger than you ex wifes new tits she bought with your child support money, don't shit on my happiness.

Ok so I get some head scratching when they find out about me but can someone justify why it's not ok for me to be married so young but when 18 year old Marlena Valasquez is popping out her second child and those bratty "teen moms" from MTV are on the cover of Us Magazine being praised for their bravery and spirit whilst having a child at 16. FUCKING BULLSHIT! "Oh hey Brad I just got my first period want to go have unprotected sex and get knocked up and then you can treat me bad for nine months because you a teen boy with his brain in his dick and then when we have this baby you can get a night job as a clerk at a convenience store to support us and maybe if we are lucky TLC will give us a reality show"

Dear general American public who suck at the teets of cable television and trash mags, suck my fat cock. Oh oops am I being vulgar well that blows. You assholes will give these childmothers accolades for being so courageous but when a couple from highschool, with no children, beat the odds and have true love and fight battles together and go through really tough intense moments and trust enough in each other to get married and know that yes this beautiful person that I have grown up with is the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life, you call them crazy and that they are silly for committing to young.

As soon as they get their heads out of their butts they have the audacity to ask, ok so when are you having kids? No no no! I'm sorry but not everyone needs to have kids in life. As contradictory as this is to the new norm I felt ok with getting married at 21 but I feel as though I am to young for children, also Tim and I have chosen to not have children. That really blows peoples minds.

OK I am done, sorry if I offended anyone.

Oh wait, The fact that just under 1/3 of all girls in the United States will get pregnant in their teenage years is sad also, more than 2/3 of all teenagers who have a baby will not graduate from high school. But feel free to give them a TV gig