Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Raw Raw Riot

Oh herrow there! Long time no type, there is a reason for that but lets just skip the lengthy explanation and call it procrastination, with a touch of no inspiration. BUT ALAS I HAVE FOUND MY MUSE, the day she is so sweet and bright with the beauty of Spring right at the tips of our noses. We are less then a month away from the bounty of Spring here in lovely Western Mass and I am more than ready for it because the lack of Winter has only made me more excited to welcome the warmth! I am wicked excited for short sleeve shirts and sandals, flowers and fresh produce, and most of all to say good bye to this "stick season" pathetic excuse of Winter.

I really miss the fact that we lacked a Winter, there is nothing better than watching the snow fall with a cup of a warm beverage spiked with your favorite liquor.....hrmph...I mean, actually no that is exactly what I mean. Cooking hearty and flavorful cold weather meals that are excusable to eat because you need to bulk up for the chill you the bone cold outside. But no, not this year, instead I only had a better opportunity to become and stay extra active over the last few Winter months. I will say that it has been refreshing to maintain an out doors exercise regime, because I HATE the gym, really really hate it. Anyways I find myself missing those rich hearty Winter meals because with this over active Pam comes health conscious, "should I really be eating this" Pam, and she's getting kind of strict.

I decided back in early June of this last year to switch over to a pseudo vegetarian, I say that because I have continued to eat seafoods and other manner of water dwelling creatures. I can't help it man! They are so freakin delicious! Either way I gave up red meat, pork, poultry, etc. I gave up most dairy products, I still enjoy the cheesiness because I'm cheesy and I need to feed the cheese. So I'm going on 8 and a half months of no meaty mc meaterson, and I love it! Oh but I have a confession, over the last few months I have become a victim to the "easy vegetarian" way of eating. Morning Star products are so yummy and convenient, it started when I saw them in freezer isle at the store and wanted to try them. At that point I was pretty much just eating a ton of greens, veggies, and fruits but then for some reason I just started to eat more easy crap! Also I started having more pasta and paninis with roasted veggies instead of fresh or steamed. I was glutton for all cooked foods! Then all of a sudden about a week ago I felt a massive lump of ugh in my body. I've felt progressively more sluggish over the last month and then it hit me like a brick wall. I needed to change the way I was eating, I was done taking the easy way out of what was supposed to be a healthy eating way of life.

Last Thursday I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister just talking about food and what not when I was taking about how I wanted to try and go raw again. I was practicing a 75% raw diet about 1 1/2 years ago and loved it but couldn't afford all the lovely raw seeds, nuts, etc. I felt great! I wasn't doing it for the weight loss, though I do recall dropping a few LBS which didn't suck:0) So Sue told me about this magical cleanse called The Master Cleanse. It seemed pretty easy and incredible so I opted to try it out first then transition into a raw diet. In a nut shell The Master Cleanse is a 10+ day cleanse where you only consume a salt water flush, laxative tea, tons of water and what I called "spicy lemonade". I jumped head first into this thing, I read the book, ran to whole foods and the next day began my cleanse.

The first day was easy enough, I salt water flush was so awful but only because your drinking a quart of pretty much ocean water. The lemonade is surprisingly delicious, it's fresh squeezed lemons and limes, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper. Thats right cayenne, the health benefits are awesome. It was day three when I was starting to get irritable, I don't really know why, I wasn't hungry but I was super cranky. Today is day five and I have admitted defeat. I'm ok with it though because I feel fantastic and super ready to eat raw again! I went to whole foods again this afternoon and bought a wicked awesome starter kit.

I am going to start writing in my blog again because it helps me stay positive and on track. I can't wait!!!:0)