Friday, August 6, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Hello my lovekins I hope you have all had a great week and a halfish? I don't know exactly. As of now I am still in Myrlte Beach for another couple days and as much fun as I am having I must say that I miss my home...ok not Walnut Street ha! I'll never miss that but I mean our Happy Valley.

Obviously I was very aware that things run differently down here but you can never really be prepared for a change, no matter what kind. The weather is much hotter yes but a completely different kind, it's enjoyable and easy to adjust to even the humidity. There are BP gas stations everywhere and it's hard to stick it to the man when he's on every corner. I haven't seen a single bug, not even a spider. My landscape gives me the sads because there are no lush green rolling hills, just sunwashed pavement. I really enjoy seeing mountains and rivers and tiny little downtowns with beautiful architecture. But don't get me wrong this neck of the woods has its beauty too!

The beaches as so big and white and clean! There is always a spot to sit and you're not all up in your neighbors business. The water is less choppy so enjoying water activities is a bit easier, but don't get me wrong, banana boating was the most intense arm workout I've ever had! Three days later and they still hurt. The water is so effing warm, it like your constantly surrounded by people peeing it's an uneasy warmth. And on a hot day it's barely refreshing but thats ok because it's easier to swim in.

I've always heard that people in the south are nicer....I'm not so sure about that haha! Crosswalks don't mean squat to drivers they'll go anyways! They hound you down when you walk by their shops and follows you then call you names when you don't want you name airbrushed onto a shirt haha! I don't need Mickey giving my name the thumbs up but thanks anyways! I havent shopped down on the strip at all, it's down at the beach, because I feel everything is a scam! We got a free parking pass from the Aquarium, when we went to the lot this toothless peice of jerky with white hair said he required a 15 dollar deposit for the lot. It only cost 6 to park there, he took the 6 told us over two hours and he'd keep our money. When leaving he "forgot" to give us the cash back until Danielle asked for it back and acted like a fool hahah!

The food we've eaten has all been very good. I've been on the salad end of things due to my ruhtarded stomach but still wicked good! BBQ is always available and I'm dying for some seafood but Danielle not being the lover of sea life we haven't made it to a restaurant yet...maybe today! I'll be updating more often now kiddies!

Love Peace and Chicken Grease!