Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Tired but here's 43-52 of awesomeness extreme

I have not been uber interested in life lately but I must stay positive. I throughly apologize for my lack of food knowledge, I've been stressed but when I am relaxed on a beach next week I will posting lots of yum yum blogs along with the awesomness

also spread the word sluts

43. Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters chestnut roast

44. Hot summer days with no humidity

45. Napping on a hot summer day

46. Getting caught in the rain

47. Celebrating an aniversary

48. Freckles

49. Being comfortable with someone enough to pee with the door open

50. People not reacting like children when they hear you do that

51. Listening to Frank Sinatra records and dancing around the dining room with your love.

52. Playing truth or dare

I hope those who read this are having a spiffy day, remember to be awesome and you can comment without signing up! I love you if you're reading this.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sugar and Fruit as well as Awesominity 32-42

So today whilst browsing the produce section I came across a new fruit power antioxidant crazy drink and picked it up. I'll be honest I thought it was just yummy 100% fruit juice and I had every intention of adding elderflower vodka to it.....don't judge me...

But anyways I purchased said beverage without looking at the content, odd because I do that to everything, but whatever I didn't. So I got into my car and took a swig of it because I was excited for a new fruity venture, it was disgusting! It tasted like splenda covered blueberries swimming in a pool of wheat germ, bleck! Oh man was it gross! But it led me to this question....why does fruit, a naturally sweet and awazing gift from mother nature, need extra sweetener?

I know it's a silly gripe but whatevs word, I don't find it to be a slight annoyance when I ask for a smoothie without added sugar and get looked at like a crack whore with an inflamed growth on my lip....what? I'm just sayin.

But yea so how bout some positveness, awesomeness and plain ol' feelin goodness!?

32. Running into old friends at the mall!

33. Hiimrawn's parody of pretty much everything! If you don't know who that is look him up on the tube of you...youtube

34. Sex...plain and simple it's a beautiful thing that is a proven and natural stress reliever. Nothing wrong with mking up more reasons to make the beast with two backs.

35. Disney sing-a-longs on long car trips and not being embarrassed about how many lyrics you know.

36. The saying "out of sight"

37. Imagining Morgan Freeman narrating your life

38. Cold kitty noses all up on my face

39. The La Di Da app for Iphone because it autotunes your voice and makes you sound like key dollar ha! Ke$ha for those who are unaware of my lingos

40. Clean kitchen floors

41. Guilty pleasures, any, the feeling of doing something "bad" is an invigorating feeling. It makes you feel alive!

42. The blue hue that a bright vivid moon shines on the earth on clear and breathtaking nights.

Spread the word of awesome!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Awesominity 21-31

Time for awesomeness to continue! I hope everyone is having an awesome day thus far! And we're off!

21. Going to the gym and running a mile more than you usually can.

22. Looking at your scars and telling the story of why you have it.

23. Sushi

24. Playing Apples to Apples with a large group of your drunk friends!

25. Rannsaka, a antique shop in Belchertown

26. Camping in the rain

28. a pint of your favorite brew

29. Orange cats named Noodles and Ace

30. Black cats named Prudence

31. Youtube


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Awesome things 11-20

So today hasn't been the best but I am going to try and boost my spirits by thinking about awesome things.

11. Smiling every time you walk up to your car because it's adorable and you purchased it yourself.

12. Pick a huge booger....don't make a face we all do it:-p

13. The new Old Spice commercial

14. A venti Iced Passion Ice Tea from Starbucks

15. Marrying into a Polish family and learning the secret perogi secret:)

16. The smell of driving through farm lands

17. Playing N64

18. Hidden watering holes on a hot summer day

19. Mike Rowes voice

20. Singing along to a song really loudly like it's your own and like your the best one who can.

Again feel free to spread the awesomiminty and leave your own awesome things for me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

1000+ Awesome Things

In an attempt at enlightening myself and enjoying life more I'm starting a daily addition of things that I think are awesome. Small things to the biggest of level of awesome. Also some of these things may not be awesome to you or you haven't done them and don't know the calibur of awesomimity you have yet to experience. So in light of this blog I shall give you ten awesome things to start....

1. Starting a new blog, even if only five people read it at least your getting your thoughts out of your head to make space for your new brilliant thoughts.

2. Waking up with your alarm and not being exhausted.

3. Sun kissed skin with that healthy summer glow

4. The thought of getting together with you dearest friend later to talk about a vacation you're going to be taking together.

5. A bushell of excited kitties to greet you outside your bedroom door in the morning all anticipating you loving them.

6. When your significant other wakes up long enough before you leave to walk you to the door and give you a kiss goodbye to work.

7. Being ahead of the game at work for the week.

8. Planning a trip to Europe with the possiblity of never coming back.

9. Drawing out plans for a business you want to open someday, it's a way of squeezing out of a rut because it gives you hope that there is more for you out there.

10. Working out because it boosts your attitude and naturally sends good vibes through your body making you happier.

So there it is folks, the first ten. In the future I will even them out by making some of them longer and some really short either way if you have a positive thought or an awesome thing send it my way, I'll add it to the list!

Peace and Love

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Egg Rolls and such

So the other day I made some egg rolls and they were scrumptious. I have no formal training in Asian cuisine but like most things I wing it. My next feat I would like to accomplish is sushi but I need to actually do my homework on that. Ah yes but the rolls de egg, easy, amazing, sexual, delicious.

I went by no recipe because that's just boring right? I walked in my neighborhood stop and plop and guessed what might make a mouth orgasm...napa cabbage, bokchoy, a green apple, shredded carrot, shallot, bean sprouts, garlic and cole slaw mix for filler, oh an fish sauce...don't make sicky faces it makes the egg roll have its amazing addicting taste. I also picked up some sherry vinegar at William Sonoma because the sherry adds a certain umph to it. DON'T FORGET YOUR EGG ROLL WRAPPERS! That would be a travesty.

Chop you shallot, cut up your cabbage and bok and throw everything in to a pot with a little sesame oil, vinegar, 2 tbsp of fish sauce and sugar, a touch of soy sauce and let it all meld and wilt down. Crack and egg directly into the love pool and stir it in. It took me about and hour, then taste and adjust the flavor according to your preference. Let it all cool down for a little bit. Heat some oil to 350 Fahrenheit, roll up your rolls, directions are on the package. Then drop some of those puppies into the oil until golden brown and poof! Sex in your mouth....that sounds wrong...it stays.

Yup so I had nothing to go off of, I just winged it? wung it? wang it? hmmm, you get it.

OH YEA I made a quick dipping sauce out of soy sauce and honey. What ever ratio you please depending on how sweet or tangy you want.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cream Puffs Yo!

SO how is everyones Friday going? Mines aight, I'm cooking up some vegtastic egg rolls that are going to be phenomenal. But we are not here to talk about that, no my friends we are here to talk about a very serious thing.....team Jacob or team Edward? I'm actually team Charlie but you know thats just me....wait what? OH! You wanted to hear about cream puffs I gotcha, my bad.

A brief history of Cream Puffs with the knowledge in my head and the odd language I use: The CP is made with a pastry called Pate a Choux which in French means "little cabbage" this being because they kinda look like cabbages when done correctly! Slap a smile on those puppies and sell them to children and call them dolls! SO anyways the first estimated time Pate a Choux was known to have been made dates back to 1538 give or take some years. They are known to be used more savory back old school days being not very sweet at all. Although they are just fat ├ęclairs they tend to get more attention, I haven't a clue why but yes even here locally The Big-E giant cream puff has garnered national attention being known as "the best" well haha I think I may have stumbled upon a gem of a cream puff today.

I am not a cream puff or ├ęclair fan, I didn't like the pastry ir was flavorless and not pleasing texture wise on the palette, and that god awful fake chocolate glaze that most places use to cover it was so gross! I gave up on them years ago...until now! I found a formula that needs no tweaking and yeilds an amazing thing!! It has flavor, it's a hardier shell that stands up better to fillings and baked so good in a larger size! I know I am a food nerd and get excited about the silliest thing but this was magical. The aroma that filled the kitchen was not one I was used to when baking Pate a Choux, it made me salivate:) A sure way of knowing I made something awesome, Mark(Boss man) ate one, unfilled, he never eats baked goods! I know odd him being a pastry chef and all. The pastry cream I made was a chocolate and then I turned it into a diplomat just to lighten it up because the cream puff was so gargantuan.

Enough making you wait I shall now bestow upon your eye sockets a thing of beauty!

Amazing Choux Paste

1/2 Cup AP Flour
1/2t. Sugar
1/4t salt
4T Unsalted Butter
1/2C Water
2 eggs

1 Egg
1/8t Salt

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Sift together the flour, salt, sugar set aside

Mix one egg and salt set aside

In a sturdy metal pot bring the butter and water to a boil for faux emulsion, as soon as a boil is reached dump in flour mixture then stir quickly with a wooden spoon until a ball of dough forms and pulls away from pot. Transfer to mixing bowl and beat until warm not hot. When it reaches a more manageable temp add eggs one at a time and mix until dough comes together. Scoop of pipe any size, they bake well in muffin pans, brush with egg wash then bake for 15 minutes then turn oven down 350 and bake another 30-40 minutes. They will be golden brown and have no shininess.

So simple and awesome! Now you can fill them any which way you please but I'll give my chocolate pastry cream formula.

Chocolate Pastry Cream awesomeness!

16oz Milk
2oz Sugar

2 Yolks
1 Egg
1.25oz Corn Starch
2oz Sugar

1oz Butter
2t Vanilla
2oz chopped chocolate

In a heavy saucepan heat milk and sugar to just a boil

Whip eggs then sift in corn starch and sugar

Temper egg mixture by slowly beating in hot milk mix

return mix to saucepan and stir constantly until it boils and thickens, remove from heat

stir in butter, chocolate and vanilla pour into clean pan cover with plastic wrap make sure it touches the cream to prevent a skin from forming. put in fridge and cool.

for diplomat whip up 2 cups of whipping cream slightly sweeten then fold into cooled mixture.

Fill your puffs and viola!

I most certainly hope you enjoy these if you make them and I'm going to eat my rolls of the egg because they are done and delicious!!

Peace out

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Bit about Fitness

Hey everyone! I am going to be updating this much more often but real quick before I go off into the heat I have to give props to man who will never read this post. There is an elderly gentlemen who live in my neighborhood(give or take a block or two) who wakes up everyday and walks. This may not seem something to be in awe of but this man, when I first saw him was at least 450 pounds, barely able to walk with a cane. But he did, and he does every damn day around all of downtown Holyoke, even when the temp gauge reaches 104 degrees. He now looks like from what I can guess, 300 pounds.

It makes me want to laugh at those who complain when it's hot and they can't function properly or work out or work or whatever they need to bitch about. This guy inspires me to keep to my raw diet, even when it's super hard, and continue my workout routine even when I get questioned as to why I find it necessary to go to the gym six days of the week on top of all the other activities I do.

SO shut up and go function it'll be freezing before we know it and everyone will complain it's to cold.