Friday, February 4, 2011


Today at work I had a 16 year old student from Easthampton High working with me. The school has a program set up so that a class goes and works for two hours at the Log Cabin every week, but today they came to the Delaney. I've had the pleasure of working with this girl, Tiffany, back in Dec. of 2009 and I must say I was pleased that when she walked back into the facility she greeted me with a hug, a real hug. Tiffany was so happy to see me again that she asked if she could spend her two hours with me in the bakery, of course I said yes. The last time we worked together she was a fumbling 14, almost 15 (she made that very clear) year old with such a bright personality but still 14, goofy and pressured with that dreadful question, "What do you want to do with your life?" Tiffany really enjoyed the kitchen, and I could tell that she could really blossom in the environment, she listened intently and did everything, (with goofy 14 y.o. anecdotes) to the best of her ability. She was also very interested in me, asking the best questions one would ask during an internship, asking how I got into it, did I prefer baking, who my favorite singer is (of course! haha!) Her classmates came in every once and a while asking if they could help and why weren't they able to sit around and eat cake all morning, Tiffany quickly retorted letting them know she wasn't just eating cake and hanging around (though I did send her off with a muffin and some chocolate cake!) All and all it was a very humbling experience, I remember being that eager 16 year old dying to be a baker/chef/cook/anything in a kitchen and looking up to anyone lucky enough to be filling those shoes I was dying to fill. It makes me take a step bake and really, truly appreciate where I am, even if I do crave my next challenge, I know that when I get there I'll remember Tiffany and look forward to the day I get a chance to work with her rather than be her teacher.

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