Monday, December 6, 2010

Awesome Party 53-63

I haven't felt much awesomeness as of late but I just spent a week with my best friend, even though I was very sick it inspired me.

53. Exploring 156ft. underground in a cavern that is thousands of years olds

54. Decorating for Christmas in December, not November because you like to give Thanksgiving some breathing room

55. Having a severe sinus infection that causes you to have neck and head pain so bad any touch or movement makes you cry, but seeing how delicately and closely your husband cares for you at one of your weakest moments. It really proves how much he loves you.

56. RT. 7 in Vermont from NY through the Green Mountains and all the cute downtowns you drive through. It is gorgeous.

57. Buying a new computer!

58. The surprising amount of liberation you feel after deleting your Facebook.

59. Getting to go to bed and wake up next to the person you love on the same schedule, it's small but it's really awesome to wake up together in the morning and just chill out in your pj's until you decide what to do.

60. Visiting NYC in the Christmas season for the first time. The lights and the sounds and the architecture, mind blowing.

61. Home Alone 1&2 but not the third one that was a travesty.

62. Wireless Keyboards and mouse

63. Finaly having a fast enough computer that you can post youtube videos check it

Aight yo, peace out


  1. Super stoked you got a new PC, regardless of its mac status. How's it treating you so far?

  2. It's magically fast and I can finally do youtube junk and write more and it's friggenfreakin aweomse best pc a guy could ask for!