Sunday, December 12, 2010

It is Cold, Rainy, and Yucky Outside...What to do?

Dreaming of Sunnier Days

So it's crapfest 2010 on this lovely Sunday in December and I am feeling adventurous....what would you do on a day like this?
I've decided to come up with some things that are cheap and fun! Just like me! hahaha nah I'm kidding!

-Write a quick script, shoot in one or two takes, edit, and laugh. Then post it to youtube....Oh and by the way my youtube is

-Scavenger Hunt, a silly one. I know that in my area we have so many awesome locations full of crazy people like me that would gladly help with a scavenger hunt.


-Open the book of raw foods I refer to on a daily basis and pick of those crazy recipes you've been to afraid to try, go to whole foods buy the good stuff because S&S doesn't carry Braggs Liquid Aminos. Oh an example you ask? Sure here goes!
Ok so this doesn't need aminos but it still sounds scrumptious!
Hearty Corn Salad
3 portobello mushrooms, chopped
1/3c balsamic vinegar
1/3c Olive Oil, cold pressed
3T Maple Syrup...REAL STUFF not effing aunt jemima ain't got nothing on vermont
2T sliced scallions
1 bell pepper of any color...I'm an equal opportunity employer
1c grape tomatoes, sliced in half
1/4 to 1/2 pound baby lettuce because babies are tastier
4 ears of fresh corn kernels cut from the cob

Marinate the mushies for an hour in the vinegar, oil and syrup...SET ASIDE FOR AN HOUR BITCHES!

Mix all that veggie love, minus lettuce, in a bowl. Put the babies on a plate, and top with the Veggie love and scoop of mushies. ENJOY!!!!!!

-Take your hyper indoor cat to an empty but closed warehouse and let him run free for a while to tucker him out

-Write up your escape plan then go to barnes and noble and research all of the beautiful destinations you can move to...if all conditions were perfect....then go get coffee and sulk because your broke.

-Make sweet sweet passionate and good for your health!

-Make early morning cocktails and have a dance party in celebration of having a new computer and all of your music in one place! And finally using your iphones music holding capabilities

-Create a Blippy account and write reviews of purchases you've made on itunes or other platforms and feel special when someone thinks what you write is awesome.

-Go on rainy car hiking: the art of driving around in the scenic parts of your state and getting lost on purpose in hopes of finding new and interesting places.

-Create new words and post them on urban dictionary

So yea I think I will be hitting up some flea markets and taking a lovely car hike today to kill the cabin fever...and maybe go buy some cabin fever beer by berkshire brewing company because it's delicious and festive!


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